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Birthdate:Aug 10
Location:United States of America
I am pretty much that dull. Consider yourself warned. It's not too late to turn back now and surf the net far away. I also hate describing myself in terms of demographic labels as I believe they tell so little about a person and only pigeon-hole someone into inaccurate stereotypes. So yall will just have to guess about the minutae of my daily experience- not that I care. Hell, if you do, just ask. I will always answer honestly. Anyone who deems me worthy of receiving their gift of frienship will always be treated with respect and dignity on my LJ. I won't tolerate anyone who does not treat others with respect and dignity. You are free to agree, disagree, criticize, cheer, cuss, discuss, or vent any idea, belief, or thought as long as it is not aimed at another with venom and ill-will. Being a citizen of southern Louisiana, I have had first-hand experiences in witnessing what kind of damage can be done by mean-spirit ignorance or intolerance. So it's an important issue to me, just so you know.

Things I like:kissing, red twizzlers, fanfic, hot picspam, all kinds of music, TV on DVD, sing along shows, memorable quotes, all things funny, pop culture satire, long, detailed discussions about tv/movies/books as if they are real people, and the music that words make. My tastes are ecclectic- that's a nice way of putting it. I am pretty sure my inner child is a 11 year old boy who laughs hard at double entrendres, especially unintentional ones, dirty jokes, and whenever people or animals fall down. That is probably an overshare- get use to it. I am a rambler.

Things I hate: intolerance, people who make themselves feel better by being mean to others, sticky fingers, and exercise. I think I have tortured you enough. Thanks for reading. Hope to see you in the comments section sometime.
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